Hotel Lidó

"Our hotel in Balatonfüred is located behind the beach, 100 meters from the water. The Golden Bridge promenade stretches between the beach and the hotel, which leads to the famous Tagore promenade and leads to the center of Balatonfüred, which can be reached in a 15-minute walk. Guests are welcomed in a landscaped area of ​​1 hectare, the safety of vehicles is ensured by its own closed parking lot and surveillance camera system.


From mid-April to mid-October, the hotel's all-comfortable rooms allow for the comfortable accommodation of 130 people in the following distribution: 16 two- or three-bed rooms, 17 four-, five- and six-bed rooms Each room has a bathroom (shower or bathtub), color television, alarm clock radio, and telephone.


The harmoniously designed furniture and colors create a pleasant atmosphere. Spend a few days or a week with us and you will leave refreshed, rested and rich in experiences!


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